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MCP2515 CAN Bus Module Receiver SPI

MCP2515 CAN Bus Module Receiver SPI
MCP2515 CAN Bus Module Receiver SPI Module for Arduino


1, support CAN V2.0B specification, the communication speed 1Mb / S

2,0 to 8-byte data field

3, the standard frame and expand the frame and remote frame

4. 5V DC power supply module, SPI interface protocol control

5,120 ohm termination resistors. Impedance matching, ensure drive capacity, long-distance data transmission against signal radiation

6, module size: 4.4cm x 2.8cm screw hole center spacing 23mm x 38mm

7, the working current: typ. 5mA, 1 microamp standby current. Except the power indicator.

8, the working temperature: Industrial grade to 85 ℃ -40 ℃

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